Massage Styles

Massage Styles

Get the most out of each session by knowing what your options are.  By learning more about what a Bloom Massage Works can do for you, you will be more empowered by knowing the options for your needs.

What style of massage is best for you as an individual?

I give great care and consideration to each person and their needs and goals, and I track the progress as the body responds to each massage and bodywork session to ensure progress and no two sessions will be alike. Depending on whether your sessions are primarily for relaxation or pain relief, short term or long term, you will be given a massage that is skillfully tailored.

What if you just want to relax?

My deeply relaxing combination of Swedish and Lomi Lomi Massage will be best for you.  Long, flowing and rhythmic strokes will be used with light to medium pressure and hydrotherapy hot towels and custom high quality aromatherapy! My intuitive and therapeutic touch will revive your body and spirit. Get ready for above and beyond bliss and serenity.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a beautiful form of massage native to Hawaii.  It features long, flowing, rhythmic strokes that feel like you are being washed over by the waves of the ocean.  It is also very technical and curative, assessing imbalances in the structures of the body and taking into consideration the alignment of the bones, loosening the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.  It is very stimulating to the flow of lymphatic drainage

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is more well know in the mainstream world as the relaxing massage modality, and focused on circulation, while gently warming muscles and easing pain and discomfort from overuse.

Thai Massage

Opens vital energy pathways in the body through acupressure, reflexology and assisted yoga stretches.  Thai Massage is also wonderful for posture and alignment.

In the case that someone is too weak or fragile to receive massage, but they still need healing contact and care, they may consider the following:

Craniosacral Massage

(gentle pressure applied in very specific ways to the cranial bones and the base of the skull, which reinstate balance within the body rhythms, and help to establish a healthy flow and rhythm of the craniosacral fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord.  This fluid often gets jammed in subluxations of the spine, and reinstating the flow of this important fluid has been incredibly helpful to children with autism!

Polarity therapy, Reiki and Pranic Healing

These are forms of energy healing that involve little to no contact.  They are each meant for specific purposes in balancing, clearing, and redistributing energy within the body.  Many times pain and malfunction in the body stems from chaos in the energy field.

Pain Without Inflammation

If you are experiencing pain, and it is not accompanied by inflammation, then a deep tissue massage is what you want.  This doesn’t mean that you will experience pain in your massage.  The longest lasting and most effective deep tissue work is done with little or no discomfort, and usually feels like more of an pleasant release of pain, more that anything.  Although you will be treated with clinical styles of bodywork, I maintain a soothing flow and rhythm in all of my massages, and enlist cozy, therapeutic hot towel hydrotherapy and hot stones throughout.  I do not believe in the “no pain, no gain” idea that is so common in the massage world.  Pain occurs when pressure is applied too fast, and can result in further debilitating scar tissue.  A degree of tenderness may be a side effect from the first few massages, however as lactic acid moves its way out of the body, and often after several massages, a deeper and likewise more efficient speed of massage application will feel painless and wonderful.

Chronic Pain Relif

If you experience chronic or recurring pain, you are most likely to have postural imbalances in your muscular skeletal system, causing pain in the muscles that are straining and compensating for imbalance or injury, to keep you upright.  You will benefit from advanced deep tissue massage styles that will shift your weight back to the core of your body.  As your shortened muscles are lengthened, posture is improved and compensation patterns are replaced with a feeling of lightness.  As a result, your muscles no longer have to strain to do the work that your core was meant to do for you.  Structural Integration and Myofascial Release are indicated as well as Neuromuscular Massage and assisted stretching, Thai Massage stretching, and joint mobilization.  You will be given specific stretches and exercises to improve and maintain progress between massages.  The number of sessions needed to reset your muscles into balance will depend on your condition, and how assertive you are with your care plan.  Mild chronic cases may need only several sessions not more than a week apart, then followed by occasional maintenance sessions as needed.  Frequency can be less depending on your self care routine.  More severe cases may require long term regular care.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a style of massage that is focused on adjusting the length and tension between muscle structures to create balance and upright posture.  Some of the effects are increased breathing capacity, and decreased pressure on internal organs as well as a general feeling of ease and lightness.  Many people report feeling taller and weightless, as the muscular tension patterns are adjusted and released.

Myofascial Release is the application of massage that is used in Structural Integration.

Neuromuscular Massage addresses the following:

Trigger Points: very irritated points in muscles that refer pain to other areas

Nerve Compression or Entrapment: Pressure on a nerve by soft tissue, cartilage or bone

Postural Distortion: Imbalance of the muscular system resulting from the gradual movement of the body structures away from the center of gravity

Biomechanical Dysfunction: Imbalance of the musculoskeletal system resulting in imbalanced movement patterns (i.e., poor lifting habits, bad mechanics in a golf swing of tennis stroke, computer keyboarding)

Ischemia: Lack of blood supply to muscles soft that may cause hypersensitivity to touch.

Acute Pain caused by strain or injury will benefit most from compression style releases, gentle kneading and lymphatic drainage massage.

Heat or cold therapy may be indicated and applied accordingly.  If inflammation is present or a muscle has been pulled, then light drainage massage is beneficial as well as working on the surrounding and opposing muscle groups that may have been involved in the weakness that caused the injury in the first place.  The injured area will be generally avoided aside from light drainage and cold therapy until the inflammation is diminished.  Arnica is a wonderful natural anti inflammatory and healing aid, and should be applied 3x/day after icing to speed healing.

If you have some pain, but your primary goal is relaxation, relaxation styles of massage will be combined with therapeutic styles.

Deep tissue massage is done in the most relaxing way and the pressure and rhythm is perfectly gauged for each individual.   The idea of “no pain, no gain” does not apply here.  In fact, the most effective deep tissue massage is applied so slowly that the deepest pressure is not painful.  Lomi Lomi and Swedish Massage techniques utilize blissful flow and rhythm for your session.  Therapeutic massage will provide long lasting ease and release of tension through balancing muscle structures in a very calculated way based on a thorough intake including range of motion testing, palpation, and visual assessments.

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